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A poetic essay on the city of St. Petersburg in the 18th century, based on poems by Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Blok and a novel by Andrey Belyi. The film contains reworked footage from Aleksey Batalov's "Overcoat", EisensteinĀ“s "Strike", Petrov's "Peter The First", Tikhomirov's "The Queen Of Spades" and others. Petersburg is an unbounded visual fantasy where reality and imagination merge into one. The history of the city represented in a digital form may live its independent life. Yevteyeva presents sights of St.Petersburg that have become the genetic code of the Russian culture in a particular manner in her film. Each shot of the film was hand-painted with special strokes.

Genre: Animation

Actor: Aleksandr Cherednik

Director: Irina Evteeva

Country: Russia

Quality: DVD

Release: 2003

Runtime: 53 min

IMDb: 2